Earn crypto, NFTs and other prizes while accelerating the growth of the WEYU ecosystem of partners and project.

Do tasks, earn points

WEYU Earn is the first Web3 platform where anyone can Earn Crypto, NFTs and other amazing prizes by preforming simple tasks. Tasks range from simple social media engagments to more complex digital tasks. The goal is to accelerate and growth hack WEYU and it’s partners to the #1 NFT ecosystem in the world. Simple claim a task, preform the specified job and Earn WEYU Point.

3 easy steps


WE-Launch provides financial and technical support to developers looking to craft premium NFT projects within the WEYU ecosystem. A recently announced $250,000 fund will help accelerate project initiatives and connect their teams to resources such as global partners, marketing promotions, and funding.


The first NFT marketplace that is truly built for adoption and designed for the NFT revolution. Multiple blockchain integration for the best NFT experience. To add to this accessibility, WE-Market also incorporates advanced multilingual features and accessibility for the visually and hearing impaired.

WEYU Pieces

WEYU Pieces is a secret NFT drop that focuses on social impact and NFT utility. Pieces are in partnership with a few of the largest organizations in the world. WEYU Pieces will be the first NFT drop on the WEYU Platform and will drop November 8th at 7pm UTC. Stay tuned for updates so you don't miss out!

Redeem WEYU Points For Amazing Gifts And Prizes