Introducing YU Launch - the easiest and most powerful NFT generator ever.

- Article created: 18th Jul 2022

Design, generate, launch and mint NFTs in minutes and for FREE! Yes, you read that right, “in minutes and for free!” This is now all possible thanks to the official launch of our brand new and revolutionary NFT platform - YU Launch - which empowers any builder, project or creator to construct any digital asset, free of cost and within no time at all. 

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Driving the Web3 future

Since the beginning, WEYU has been committed to facilitating entry into the NFT industry by developing user-friendly tools and platforms that encourage the mass adoption of Web3 and non-fungible tokens. We believe that Web3 can deliver a new chapter in accessing opportunities never before available on the internet. And, by building user-friendly applications on top of the greatest technology of our times, blockchain, people across the globe will be able to transact digital items of value and create new economies across new frontiers. 

The power of no-code 

This is where WEYU’s latest platform - YU Launch - comes to life, offering a simple, yet powerful new tool that makes NFTs more accessible to individuals and brands through an innovative no-code solution. Currently one of the barriers to entry for creatives and projects looking to explore NFTs is the difficulty and cost of developing a collection. The expertise needed around topics concerning smart contracts, mint pages and more is challenging to attain meaning that finding the right talent to execute this type of work is both demanding and costly. But, those days are over thanks to YU Launch! 

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The most powerful NFT generator yet

Now, launching an NFT collection has never been easier. Simply upload your artwork, set your rarity and launch with a customizable minting page to sell your collection right away - all for FREE! 

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WEYU partners with Zilliqa

The platform goes a step further in terms of accessibility by offering a choice of three blockchains - Solana, Ethereum and Zilliqa. Through an exclusive partnership with the latter, WEYU taps into a new and exciting frontier of possibilities by collaborating to help attract the masses to the Zilliqa ecosystem. At the moment that YU Launch went live, we created a collection of 200 NFTs that minted within minutes on the Zilliqa blockchain. You can learn more about our Zilliqa partnership in our next blog post. 

YU Launch changes the NFT landscape

Unveiling YU Launch at the Metaverse Summit in Paris was a very special moment for us, and one that we, and our community, have been excited about for a long time. Finally, anyone and everyone can get involved in the rapidly evolving NFT ecosystem, so get creative and start to build your community. We believe this is the start of the next chapter of NFTs. Only one question remains - will your NFT creation be the next big thing? Give YU Launch a go today and find out!

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