Your Guide to becoming a WEYU Earn Task Master!

- Article created: 23rd May 2022

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know in order to become a WEYU Earn Taskmaster.

1. Firstly, lets talk about the benefits of becoming a WEYU Earn Task Master.

At WEYU we are all about community, and our Taskmaster roles enable our most dedicated members to benefit from a plethora of ways --- these include:

  • By being granted with a Task Master role you'll gain access to PREMIUM WEYU Earn tasks that offer MORE points for each task!
  • EARLY ACCESS to WEYU EARN Shop to redeem rewards
  • EARLY ACCESS to the testing area for brand new WEYU products.
  • Special Task Master REWARDS & COMPETITION!
  • Access to the Task Master Discord channel.
  • Access to shilling content.
  • & much more to look forward to!

If you don't want to become a Task Master but you still want to have access to PREMIUM tasks we've got you covered!

All you have to do is:

Buy & HODL at least 100,000.00 of $WEYU (SOL / BNB Chain) in the same wallet you are using to complete tasks. (Please note that if your total amount drops below 100,000.00 $WEYU (SOL / BNB Chain) --- your role will be removed.)

Once you have set this up, you'll automatically get WHITELISTED to begin with PREMIUM tasks!

1.1 WEYU Earn Shop

At the end of each WEYU Earn season you'll be able to lock the points that you have earned and redeem REWARDS through the WEYU Earn Shop. Here you will be able to convert your points to:

  • $WEYU Tokens
  • NFTs
  • Event tickets
  • & much more!

If the shop has closed, don't worry, you can carry over your remaining points for the next season.

NOTE: You can only redeem rewards with lock points!

Redeeming process:

1. Lock your points!

2. Select the reward you would like to redeem & click 'REDEEM'.

3. Congrats! You have now redeemed your seasonal rewards!

Important Notice:

Make sure to link your BSC/SOL wallet address prior to redeeming WEYU BSC/SPL token rewards!

Rewards on the BSC chain will automatically be sent to your linked BSC address.

Rewards on SOL chain will go automatically to your linked SOL address.

2.1. Post high quality content o social media

Our main focus with WEYU Earn is THE QUALITY!

Community members who are posting great quality content will be granted with a role of Task Master trainee!

Twitter GOOD Examples:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Twitter BAD Examples:

Instagram GOOD Examples:

Instagram BAD Examples:

3. Be PRO-ACTIVE within the WEYU Community on DISCORD

4. Keep the POSITIVE attitude and help each other within the WEYU community!

5. If you think you are already doing all the steps above --- please open a ticket in our discord channel and we'll give you a trainee Task Master role status:

5.1 Trainee Task Master role explained

As a TRAINEE Task Master you'll gain 7 days of access to PREMIUM tasks.

The WEYU team will determine if you qualify to become a Task Master, so make sure to give your best effort on every task that you engage with!

CONGRATS! You have now completed the guide. Now it's time to get ready to ROCK'N'ROLL and become the next superstar WEYU Earn Task Master

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