WEYU Staking has arrived

- Article created: 28th Jun 2022

With our recent BIG move to Solana, WEYU can now be used easily, at lightning speeds and with low transaction costs. The first highly anticipated feature that we are delighted to share is going to be….drum roll, please…STAKING!  

The WEYU Staking Protocol comes alongside the introduction of the WEYU rewards program. An initiative designed to bring as much benefit to the community as possible - hence the name! When you stake your WEYU, be prepared for high-yield rewards. To kick things off we have an introductory month of 300% APY- including constant rewards in WEDAO tokens for everyone staking over the next 12 months. 

Let’s take a look at WEYU Staking Protocol

1. Go to to enter the WEYU Staking Protocol 

2. Connect your wallet Solana (Phantom) wallet

3. Choose the amount of WEYU to stake

4. Approve the transaction

5. Watch your stake generate WEYU and WEDAO tokens in real time

6. Claim your tokens at any time… The big winners will re-stake and compound their rewards

If you have your tokens on the BSC blockchain, please read our bridge blog (accessible via the link below) on how to get your BSC WEYU to the Solana blockchain:

To learn more about the WEDAO please read the first in our five-part series here:

Staking is a major milestone of the WEYU roadmap, and it is also one that comes at the perfect timing considering the current bear market we are all experiencing. Because, ultimately, what's better than being able to stake your coins and receive passive income?

Start staking today here:

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