A Tutorial: How to transfer your WEYU tokens to Solana via the Portal bridge?

- Article created: 23rd Jun 2022

The long-awaited event is finally here! As they say, “good things come to those who wait” and your patience has paid off as WEYU propels further along its journey with a newly forged path to the Solana blockchain. Yes, the bridge is here!


As described in the original WEYU Whitepaper, published 1 year ago, WEYU intended to integrate the Solana ecosystem by bridging the Binance Smart Chain token over to Solana. The BSC WEYU was a placeholder for WEYU supporters to unlock constant rewards as the WEYU team built out an ecosystem of products and features. It is now time to unlock the power of the WEYU token by leveraging the ultra fast, super affordable Solana blockchain.

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Starting today, WEYU token holders will be able to bridge their WEYU tokens over from their BSC wallet to their Solana wallet (Phantom preferred) to ready themselves for multiple token use cases.  Here is exactly how you can do it:



1.Select Binance Smart chain as the Source chain and select Solana as the Target chain from the dropdown choices.

2.Click CONNECT to connect your BSC-compatible wallet that holds your WEYU tokens. IMPORTANT - if you use TrustWallet you will need to change the network to Binance Smart Chain on your TrustWallet before connecting it to the bridge!

Allow the connection if your wallet extension prompts you.

3.Click SELECT A TOKEN and type WEYU or to be even safer copy/paste the WEYU token address:  0xFAfD4CB703B25CB22f43D017e7e0d75FEBc26743

4.Select the Amount of WEYU tokens you want to bridge then click NEXT.

5.Are you sure??? Of course, you are! Click CONFIRM.


1.Connect your Solana wallet (We highly recommend Phantom) by clicking CONNECT. Allow the connection if your wallet extension prompts you.

Important. Make sure your target wallet has tokens to pay fees in to redeem your tokens.

2.If you have not bridged tokens with this address your need to click on CREATE ASSOCIATED TOKEN ACCOUNT

3.Click NEXT.


1.Check that the amount is correct and click APPROVE.

2.When prompted, click Confirm to confirm the TRANSFER.

3.Follow the steps in your BSC wallet’s browser extension to complete the transaction.


1.After your tokens have been bridged you can now receive them on the Solana chain by clicking REDEEM.

2.This step will have several transactions that you will need to approve. WARNING: Do not refresh this page! There are anywhere between 3 and 6 transactions. Luckily each transaction only costs a cent or two. The last transaction will look like the image below:

3.Congratulations! You have just used Wormhole’s Portal Token Bridge to get access to the most utility-rich token on Solana, WEYU.

4.It may take a couple of minutes to show in your Phantom wallet so please be patient.

Staking and liquidity farming is only days away. As we mentioned earlier, good things come to those who wait, so we suggest you get your WEYU tokens ready for the party. 

In case you missed our Twitter Spaces where we discussed the Solana bridge, you can still listen to the recording here:


Additionally, make sure to join us next week where we will be hosting a Youtube Live to talk all things staking. You will have the opportunity to ask questions as we go, so make sure to be there!

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