WEYU partners with NOSANA to help power WEYU World

- Article created: 7th Jun 2022

Are you ready to join a crowd revolution? WEYU now is, thanks to a newly formulated partnership with NOSANA — a next-generation crowd-computing platform.

While most are familiar with the concept of cloud computing (in-demand availability of computer system resources), crowd computing is a term that has only recently been used in literature. Crowd computing is a new distributed computing paradigm in which tasks are handled by a network of humans and devices across the internet, producing a huge computing capacity. And, with this, NOSANA is leading the way.

So, who is NOSANA?

Powered by Solana, NOSANA’s vision is to democratize CPU cloud computing. How? Through a decentralised crowd-computing platform that connects blockchain developers and services to a global pool of computing power. The community, and everyone in the metaverse, will be able to rent out the CPU capacity of their devices to power the development of their favourite Web3 projects, while also earning NOSANA’s native token, NOS. Having already achieved outstanding milestones, the Nosana Network is on its way to becoming the leading provider of decentralized CPU-based Dev(Ops) solutions, revolutionizing the development process of Metaverse projects of today and tomorrow.

Benefits of the NOSANA Network


By eliminating the middlemen, Nosana Network provides a trustless, cost-effective and reliable solution that empowers regular users. They will be able to monetize their idle computing resources and earn something for their support. People from low-income & developing countries can benefit from our solution.


The decentralized design provides many advantages; availability being one of them. With a continuously growing network of nodes, we believe we can support your development 24/7.


The computational needs of our tech-driven world put an enormous ecological strain on the planet. The inefficient use of the existing computational resources compounds the problem. Our decentralized cloud solution helps the environment by utilizing spare computing resources.

What does the NOSANA partnership bring to WEYU?

In a nutshell, we want to promote the decentralized powering of the Web3 world, and looking into the future, NOSANA facilitates this pursuit. Speaking of Web3 worlds, WEYU has been constructing its very own, called WEYU World (but more on that will have to wait). Once WEYU World opens, NOSANA’s cloud computing will fuel the ecosystem and its economy, becoming the platform’s first metaverse to be supported by its technology solutions. Thanks to NOSANA’s burgeoning community, currently over 30K members are in place to share their CPU resources with WEYU world. This means every element of development can be checked and enhanced with NOSANA’s tailor-made CICD tools, within seconds. In addition to decentralized power, a little further down the line, an exclusive NFT collection created by NOSANA will be featured on the WEYU NFT Marketplace — each a unique digital collectable existing on the Solana blockchain that you don’t want to miss.

Powering WEYU World

With the ideation and creation of WEYU World in the works (and yes, we know we haven’t talked much about this yet, but don’t worry, there is so much to come on this subject), NOSANA acts as the perfect next partner for WEYU on its journey. And, while NOSANA provides a decentralized power infrastructure to our ecosystem, WEYU will champion the platform across its network and support its upcoming NFT collection on the WEYU Marketplace. Once again, the future looks even brighter for WEYU and NOSANA.

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