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- Article created: 26th Mar 2022

WEYU is excited to introduce the "King of the Ecosystem" In chess, the King is the most important piece. And now, at WEYU, the time has come to introduce its most important component, our "King of the Ecosystem" - the WEYU NFT Marketplace!

Set to take off in only a few short days - yes, only a few SHORT days - the first and release of the NFT platform kicks off with arguably the most popular blockchain for NFTs right now, Solana. Solana has seen an exponential increase in adoption for NFT creators and enthusiasts alike, driven by low fees and advanced infrastructure and tools such as those produced by MetaplexLaunchMyNFT, Phantom Wallet and Almeida-Research. The NFT industry is still only in its infancy and WEYU's vision to bring the very best products, tools, platforms and user experience to this fascinating new frontier is just beginning.

Since the launch of WEYU, only 6 months ago, we have seen the ecosystem grow naturally and rapidly. At first, we introduced WE_Launch, an NFT launchpad for promising new NFT projects. The launchpad successfully helped accelerate projects like CyberWave, which was 240% oversold and since then, the on-chain strategy game has been continuously developing. Alongside WE_Launch, WEYU announced a $250,000 fund to help new projects to market, while also helping to launch our very own community NFT project called WEYU Pieces.

WEYU Pieces is a collection of NFTs that grants holders with leverage to gain access and participate in the WEYU ecosystem. Central to the collection, WEYU Pieces was built on the Tech-for-Good movement by refugees in partnership with the UNHCR and WorldVision with all proceeds ($280,000) going directly to support displaced peoples globally. The success of these initiatives has been fueled by another WEYU platform called WEYU Earn - a social media engagement alliance of over 25,000 members who earn rewards by engaging with WEYU content across 12 social media platforms. It's fair to say that it has been a whirlwind of a half year.

Now, with these foundational building blocks in place, we are delighted to introduce, for the first time, the "King of the Ecosystem" - the WEYU NFT Marketplace. During phase one of the marketplace, Solana takes center stage as we dive into this venture with allies, partners and an incredibly dedicated and vibrant community. The WEYU NFT Marketplace will bring to life a few key features, one of which is our secret weapon and therefore, as you would expect, can't yet be mentioned here. But, stay tuned...we are only days away from the official launch!

Attention Solana NFT Projects!

Solana projects that are coming to market in April are very welcome to apply for listing to be featured in our verified collection category. However, along with verified collections, WEYU strongly believes in open source, decentralization and the freedom to choose. This means you will see both a verified section and an open section where many experimental and new gems launching on the WEYU platform will be made available.

If you or someone you know is launching an NFT collection on Solana, APPLY for listing on WEYU NOW!

As you can imagine, we are totally over the moon when it comes to the unveiling of WEYU's next chapter, and we can't wait to show you more. Over the coming days, a more in depth Blog with walkthroughs, visuals and sneak peeks will be out to whet your NFT appetite!

Private Testnet Launches March 31st

Open Testnet Launches April 4th

Official Launch Party April 12th...

Stay tuned for more information

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