Exploring the intersection of NFTs on fashion, art and creativity.

- Article created: 5th Aug 2022

In the beginning, many viewed the NFT (Non-fungible Token) movement as just a fad. But those days are over as NFTs have emerged into the global spotlight, becoming the foundation for many brands' digital strategies, and offering a new way to tell stories creatively. While art has been attached to NFTs since the start, fashion is now making its way into the conversation with more and more in the industry exploring a way in. Today, we’re at the intersection of NFTs, fashion, art and creativity. In this blog, we’ll explore how and why fashion brands are entering the space, what the future of fashion and art could shape up to be, and how WEYU is exploring this space with a special upcoming NFT project and partnership. 

Fashion’s emergence into NFTs 

Fashion brands are stepping into the Web3 space, and with a good reason. NFTs are merging into fashion as the popularity of this technology is burgeoning. Allowing creators to monetize and build communities around their creations it is inevitable that fashion, with its creative roots, is a perfect marriage for NFTs, and ultimately Web3. 

The reason for fashions' current flirtation with NFTs is simple: the opportunities are endless. Moreover, the added ability that NFTs hold in terms of telling stories through art cannot be understated, with an NFTs utility able to provide extensive value to the richness of a creative narrative. In essence, NFTs offer the ability to tell new stories through art - something fashion is perfectly suited to.

Fashion brands entering the metaverse 

Established fashion brands have already entered the web3 space, exploring the frontiers of blockchain and metaverse technology.  The popularity of NFTs continues to grow throughout the fashion space with some notable projects emerging such as: 

Gucci, the luxury fashion house developed a collaboration with Roblox - an online platform to develop or play games, hosting the Gucci Garden. Visitors could transform their avatars into gender-neutral mannequins. With their avatars, they were able to buy and wear exclusive Gucci virtual items. 

Gucci also worked together with Wenew Labs - founded by Beeple artist Mike Winkelmann, on the 10KTF project that dresses 11 popular NFT collections in digital Gucci outfits. 

Balenciaga dropped a collection together with Fortnite - an open-world video game. You could buy clothing and accessories in select Balenciaga stores and websites. Your character could wear those Balenciaga outfits in the Fortnite game by purchasing real-life items.

Burberry released, together with Blankos Block Party, a play-to-earn crypto game and an NFT collection called Blanko NFTs. The NFT and in-game NFT accessories could be bought on the games marketplace. 

Louis Vuitton created their own play-to-earn game. Players could learn more about the history of the brand while earning NFTs. The NFTs were created in partnership with Wenew Labs. The NFTs could be minted from the Louis Vuitton Ethereum wallet.

Adidas collaborated with gmoney, PUNKS Comic and Bored Ape Yacht Club to create 'The Into the Metaverse NFTs' offering the ability to unlock exclusive access and virtual clothing in the Metaverse. With the NFTs, you could also claim physical Adidas merch. 

Nike collaborated with RTFKT, and released its first sneakers for the metaverse: the Nike Cryptokicks. The sneakers can be customised with eight skins. The skins were created by RFKTs community of artists and contributors. Nike also launched Nikeland, their shop in the Roblox metaverse.

Future use cases for Fashion NFTs

But wait, there’s more! As we shift the focus from art to collectables, more utility is added to the NFTs. The possibilities are endless. This will have a significant impact on fashion and creators. 

Utilities for NFTs can include:

  • Exclusive access to events, fashion shows and meet & greets.
  • Membership benefits.
  • Discounts on brand purchases.
  • Exclusive gifts.
  • Earn fashion NFTs through play-to-earn games.
  • Let your PFPs wear virtual clothing and accessories in-game.
  • Raise money for social causes.

Creating a community-focused brand is the next step within the Fashion industry. 

WEYU’s exclusive Fashion NFT drop 

WEYU has been approached to explore the frontiers of fashion, culture, and NFTs with a special collaboration. Released on the 1st of august on our YU-launch platform, together with Zilliqa, we launched our first Fashion NFT collection. Packed with a collection of physical and digital utility, the Hair By SamMcKnight: Reimagined NFT collection is made up of a limited collection of 297 unique NFTs. The collection can be purchased using either a credit card, WEYU or Zil.

Make sure to explore the collection here, and get your hands on one while you still can. 

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