May 2022 - A recap of WEYU highlights

- Article created: 2nd Jun 2022

Edwin Way Teale once said, "All things seem possible in May." And so, it was with that mindset that we attacked another month of the WEYU journey, growing our Web3 presence and developing more of our NFT ecosystem. Here are a few stand out highlights from the month of May:

WEYU headlined at Blockdown Festival Croatia

Earlier in the month, the WEYU team made their way to the world’s first NFT-enabled Web3 conference — Blockdown Festival. Located along the beautiful Dalmatian coast of Croatia, WEYU attended the event as its main sponsor, while also speaking, presenting and hosting the many talks, panels and workshops that took place. WEYU co-founder Chris Dawe and COO Caroline Johnova both spoke at Blockdown, reflecting on topics surrounding decentralised finance, NFT utility, blockchain innovation, women in crypto and more. With Blockdown Festival in our rear mirror, the WEYU team is now looking forward to attending METAMS — Europe’s leading metaverse festival taking place in Amsterdam on June 14–17. Once again, Chris and Caroline will both be speaking at the event. If you were unable to make it to Croatia, we really hope to see you in Amsterdam.

Check out MET AMS here:

WEYU ignites its Ambassador program

WEYU is all about community. We believe that collaboration and partnerships are key to steering creative innovation, especially in the digital space, which is why we launched the WEYU Ambassador program. The program seeks to channel a network of inspiring professionals who work together to promote pioneering projects and products across the blockchain, NFT and Web3 landscape. All ambassadors will hold special voting rights to help contribute to important future decisions along the WEYU journey. Building on our continued support for women in blockchain, we kicked off the initiative by welcoming three inspiring female leaders as our first WEYU Ambassadors. These are; Priscilla Koukoi (Co-founder of Power Women NFT), Kelly Ann Collins (Founder and CEO at Vult Lab and Co-founder of Into the Meta), and Nova Lorraine (Storyteller, Metaverse Designer and award-winning Fashion Designer). We are delighted to welcome them on board and we will be hosting a Twitter Space session to learn more about their projects on June 1st. We hope to see you there.

Would you like to become a WEYU Ambassador? Apply via the link below and let us know why here:

WEYU NFT Marketplace progresses with key upgrades

Let's take a look at a few of the platform's key developments:

  • Improved loading speed on collection images and listed NFTs
  • When selecting and viewing a collection, all of its NFTs load much faster as well as the collections profile page.
  • Optimisation for mobile
  • We have optimised the mobile user experience so that the display of NFTs is clearer and more easily digestible.
  • Clarity on verified collections
  • More NFT collections have been verified, clearly marked with a checkmark next to them.
  • Balance check and USD price additions

Dollar sums have been added alongside Sol amounts on NFTs, while an automated balance check makes sure you have valid wallet funds.

And, some key figures for the marketplace include:

  • 800 listed verified collections
  • 125 000 listed NFTs
  • 1.6 mil unverified NFTs

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WEYU Earn sees progressive optimisation

WEYU Earn, the first Web3 platform where anyone can earn crypto, NFTs and more while accelerating the growth of their favourite projects, reached its third season. During this season, the platform added a total of 896 tasks, distributing over 3500+ points to WEYU Earn members. In order to improve the quality of the EARN platform, our development team implemented a new validation process enabling a trial session for anyone looking to explore the platform further and become a Task Master.

If you would like to gain better and bigger benefits as a WEYU Task Master then make sure you read our dedicated blog, and apply here:

Now, into the crypto future...

It appears as if Edwin Way Teale was right, all things really do seem possible in May. But the past is past and the future now beckons, and guess what? June is set to be HUGE, with a significant WEYU announcement planned for almost every day of this month as we gear up for the presentation of some key landmarks and new WEYU products. Stay tuned across our socials and remember, #WAGMI!

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